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              Seventy percent of our lives are consumed in work, The Executive's Toolbox alleviates worry and brings confidence and prosperity to a business and the individuals therein.  Whether it is helping a new business owner get off on the right foot, rescuing the family firm that has been handed down from generation to generation, or straightening out the accounting office that's all but captured the business owner from his wife and children. 
Introducing and applying a simple and workable Administrative, Organizational and Management Technology that is based on the Works of businessman and Engineer, L. Ron Hubbard to the business world in general.  

              We at The Executive's Toolbox have a goal to create an ethical and sane business community spanding across Africa and attaining new levels of cooperation, understanding and productivity on our continent. 


            Marina Howarth has been a business owner for more than eleven years and has thoroughly trained in the Administrative and Management Technology of Mr L. Ron Hubbard.  She is qualified to supervise a whole range of courses offered by The Executive's Toolbox and has successfully helped many businesses and individuals flourish and prosper across South Africa.

            "It never ceases to amaze me when someone realizes what has been missing in his endeavour to succeed in business and how this alone can rehabilitate his confidence to succeed.  Using the Hubbard Management Technology I get the opportunity to help organizations and individuals rescue, stabilize and expand their businesses and lives."
                                                                                                                               Marina Howarth



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